Potato Chip Machines
I like to order potato chips when I eat at KFC or McDonald's.And I like to eat potato crisps when I am watching TV. People all like eating potato chips and crisps. Potato has history of about 8000 years as food consumption in the Andean region. It started to spread global since thenthe Spanish brought it to Europe in the sixteenth century, now the potato planting area is estimated as 19.5 square kilometers, from China Yunnan plateau and India subtropical lowlands, to the equator highlands in Java and Ukraine's prairie. The cheap potato is the fourth largest food crops of the world, the output is more than 350 million tons in the year of 2008. Potato is rich in carbohydrates what makes it a good heat source. Its protein content is the highest (content under the condition of the wet weight is about 2.1%) in root tuber crops, high quality protein and amino acids mode matches human needs. It's also rich in vitamin C.

potato chips machine

It is said that potato should be an important component of the strategy to provide nutritious food for the poor and hungry. Potato is very suitable for the place where land is limited and labor is abundant, and the conditions are characteristic of most developing countries. Potato could produce more nutritious food faster under the conditions of less land and worse climate compared with other major crops. The edible part of this kind of plant for human is as high as 85%, compared with potato, grain crops are about 50%. Exceeded many other food products output growth of Asian developing countries, the world of the potato production have been rising at an annual rate of 4.5% during the past ten years. It has increased greatly in developing countries, from 1961-1963 the per capita increases from less than 10 kilograms to 21 kilograms of now, although the potato consumption decreased in developed countries. All the evidence shows that it will have a strong growth in the future, although compared with Europe potato consumption (93kg/year), developing countries is still much lower. Quite a part of potatoes are made into chips and crisps, how can they cut into exactly the same size? The answer is potato chipping or strip machine. This potato chip machine will cut potatoes into square strip shape or flake. After cutting, the end product has a smooth surface, the organization will not be destroyed and suitable for the raw material to be further processed. Potato strip machine is easy operate, high output, and can cut wire, slice, strips, thickness can be adjust as you need. Potato chip machine is necessary equipment for food processing, suitable for potatoes, sweet potatoes, all kinds of taro, and all kinds of turnip, mustard and roots. We can make potato chips or crisps whenever as many as we like even at our homes with this potato strip machine.

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