Making Wood Pellet

If you are trying to make wood pellet basically you intend to use raw materials in order to get the wood particle. There are many kinds of raw materials and the most common one of the most effective materials which is being used today is the sawdust. Pellets are finally held together with lignin, this is naturally present in wood. In the process of making wood pellet there is absolutely no need to use glue and other materials except those from wood. The ratio of lignin content in wood is now than in 1 to 4 to 1 to 3. Except strengthen wood, it also comes with waterproof performance, all these characteristics make it kind of effective fuel. Generally the end result of wood pellet production process is wood particles. It has very low moisture at the 10% or so, this is very important for the water content decides the quality of the wood pellet directly. It is the basic guarantee of this fact is a very good particles from will not have much energy source, it is useful to evaporation of water. Wood particles can be mechanical made by special created machinery or it also might be possible to be made by the machine called cattle feed machine. And of course the wood pellet machine can provide more quality wood pellet mill much faster. Wood can make pellets so easy and can be so complicated. The whole process of making particles is usually divided into three basic parts: preparation process, production process and cooling and bagging process. Here we will give you a specific instruction of steps. It includes ten steps: size reduction, material transportation, drying, mixing, adjusting, pellet production, screening, cooling, particle transport, bagging and storage.


Making Wood Pellet
When you are making wood particles you can also use wood instead of sawdust, but you have to use a hammer mill in order to reduce the size of the raw materials that is going to be used. The working principle of hammer mill is motor drives rotor rotates in broken cavity at high speed, and the materials from the upper feeding mouth get into machines and blown, impacted, sheared, grinded and shattered by the high-speed moving hammer. There is a screen panel on the bottom of rotor, crushing material less than the size of the screen hole will get through the sieve and discharged, greater than the size of the screen hole will resistance in the sieve continue to be a hammer blow and grinding, finally the sieve out a cake layer. The results will be thrown into the use of pellet making equipment and pressure on to compression in everything you put in. Then material put into hole is the same as making meat paste. The whole process is completed under the heat and lignin will melt, thus help bound together, keep the shape of the dust is available. Pellets come out of the mill, temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius. When they calm down, they will become hard.



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